Place Where Professional Travelers Can Sleep, Work and Play in Amsterdam

Zoku is a hybrid living/work space in Amsterdam. We love it!

This hotel concept was designed by Concrete and targeted international nomads as well as travel professionals. It features creative social spaces and lofts that are suitable for extended stays.

The hotel’s 6th floor has communal areas that include rooftop gardens, terraces, shared workspaces and meeting rooms. Here guests will also find the check-in and kitchen areas, a game room, and an honesty bar that offers freshly ground coffee, teas and craft beer taps.

These spaces, which are brightly lit, have been designed to promote social interaction and create a friendly, vibrant, and fun environment.

This living space is bright and airy and features fireplaces, fun cabinets and colorful, comfortable couches. The bar at the center is covered in beautiful handmade tiles and is surrounded by high-quality oak tables.

The soundproof Game Room has a wealth of movie and musical equipment, making it the perfect place to spend a rainy afternoon in Amsterdam. You can also go to the rooftop, which has gardens, terraces and a beautiful greenhouse, to relax in hammocks or enjoy the stunning views of the skyline.

The Lofts feature well-equipped kitchens as well as personal workspaces. This is probably Zoku’s most popular feature. Concrete’s innovative design and clever use of space make these living/working hybrids both beautiful and highly efficient.

All units have different sizes but are filled with space-saving features and decorated with stylish designer furniture.

Unlike a regular hotel room, the focus here is not on the sleeping area but an open living/working/dining space, centered around a wooden four-person table and complete with a sleek, snug sofa by Muuto. Here guests can relax, eat, work, or receive visitors.

The elevated sleeping nook is hidden behind semitransparent wooden folding doors. It has a plush, king-sized bed in organic linens. Below you will find a wardrobe, a desk and a Smart TV. The living room also features hanging gymnastic rings and sophisticated LED lighting.

The bathrooms are equipped with paraben-free toiletries, luxurious showers, dishwashers, and Nespresso coffee makers. There is also a kitchenette with everything you need, from olive oil to utensils and a Nespresso coffee machine.

Zoku also offers a 24-hour store, a live kitchen that prepares healthy meals from fresh ingredients, and a large event space for workshops, yoga, and catwalk shows.

This establishment is in East Amsterdam, and it promises to be one of several Zoku micro-loft hotel locations around the globe.

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