Money Travel Tips

Don’t Go Into Debt

This is one of the best tips we can offer for traveling. When you travel, don’t go over your budget. If you return from your lifetime trip to find yourself in debt, you will regret it all.

You don’t have to travel abroad if you aren’t able to afford it yet. Explore your local area. Dave and I explored much of Ontario, Canada, when we were dreaming about traveling the globe. We were able to get out of our ruts and try new things by spending weekends in nature. You can save money by exploring your backyard and home. We saved a lot by having adventures near home, and in less than a year were on our way on a world trip.

Travel insurance is essential.

This is one of our best travel tips. Make sure you have travel insurance before leaving home. Many think they only need travel coverage if they’re off the beaten track. But, this is a mistake. Accidents can occur anywhere. A few years back, Dave and I were on a luxury cruise, and he fell on a set of stairs. He suffered a broken back and would have had to pay nearly $100,000 for air ambulance and hospital bills. It is possible to say that we will purchase travel insurance.

Hiring local guides

We recommend hiring a local guide as a top travel tip. Local guides can be hired to support the local economy. This cuts out the middleman and supports local families. Hiring local workers will save you money. You pay the middle man, the tour operator and the rent for a costly office when you book online or overseas tours. If you book locally, the money goes directly to that person. It’s also great to meet new people and learn about the local culture. They have often invited us to their homes, giving us a more meaningful experience.

Get a Rewards Travel Credit Card

We know we didn’t say to go into debt, but credit cards can be a great way to travel in style and increase your travel budget. A good rewards credit card can help you save money on travel. You can save a lot on travel expenses by getting rewards. Many travel credit cards also offer large signing bonuses, which you can use towards your flight to travel the world. Regarding travel tips that save money, we recommend getting a car. However, you must make sure you pay it off.

However, We make sure that we pay our credit card every month and don’t have a high limit. This list contains all the top travel credit cards.

Credit cards and Debit Cards

Let your bank and credit card companies know your plans before traveling. They may also lock your credit cards if they notice that you have made a purchase abroad. You should also make sure you have several cards. Our debit card was blocked in Cuba after eating at an Istanbul ATM. Our Sudanese bank account was blocked in Sudan despite informing them about our travel plans. We tried three different credit and bank cards in Sri Lanka before finally being able to withdraw money from the ATM. To be ready for everything, having several cards from different banks is a good idea.

Cash in small bills

Canadians have several hundred dollars in small bills to tip our staff at the hotel and for transportation from the airport. US Dollars are accepted everywhere, whether traveling to Africa, South America, Africa, or Europe.

Enjoy Free Walking Tours

We love to share our favorite travel tip with people: the free walking tours you can take anywhere in the world. We always join a walking tour when we travel to a new place. This is a great way for you to get around the city. This is one of our favorite travel tips we discovered after traveling for several years. These free walking tours are amazing! The free walking tours are usually better than those you book online. You only pay for what you find comfort in the end. They are led locally. We recommend $10 per person.

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