Five Most Beautiful Tulum Addresses

Tulum, one of the Mayan Riviera’s jewels, is known for its beautiful ocean views, rich culture, vibrant party scene and historic ruins. The natural wonders of this jungle paradise can be complemented by high-end design and cultural scenes booming in the town. Top architects and designers take inspiration from the local culture and create bold, innovative places to enjoy art, dance, or get away.

These are Tulum’s most stunning addresses, combining the beauty and creativity of nature with ingenuity and creativity.

Tulum Treehouse

The Tulum Treehouse is minimalist and elegant. It combines the beauty and atmosphere of the Yucatan jungle and the modern, stylish feel of the scaled-back architecture.

The house was designed by CO-Lab and incorporated local wood and other design elements. It can be rented in its entirety or as an individual room. This is the ideal getaway for design enthusiasts, with its open, airy design and cool colors, as well as being close to Tulum’s top restaurants and attractions.

Gitano Tulum

Gitano is a chic, upscale Tiki bar that combines lush jungle foliage with sophisticated cocktails. This Tiki bar is one of Tulum’s most popular night spots. It’s known for its modernized Mexican cuisine and Mezcal-centric cocktail menus that will get you dancing to the jungle beats.

This tropical paradise is complete with an open indoor-outdoor seating arrangement, dark wood and metallic furniture, boho furniture, and colored lights hanging between palm trees. The Jungle Room is their newest addition. It features a tiled floor, textured walls and low lighting. This makes it the perfect place for a mezcal tasting.

IK Lab Art Gallery

The center’s design was by Jorge Eduardo Neira Sterkel. It is now a new cultural and arts center located in downtown Tulum. Santiago Rumney Guggenheim, who is responsible for transforming the gallery space, has taken over the reinvention of the traditional gallery space.

The walls, made of clear fiberglass and vines, infuse the space and give it the feeling of being inside a bird’s nest. This creates a unique and natural environment for visitors to enjoy and appreciate the IK Lab’s innovative exhibitions.

The Oceanfront Casitas in Papaya Playa

The Oceanfront Casitas, a luxury hotel brand Design Hotels that joins the Papaya Playa beach club resort at Tulum’s oceanfront, elevates the standard beach getaway with its simplicity and charm.

The 100 thatched-roof casitas with beach-sand white roofs and thatched roofs rise out of the jungle to meet the beach. Each has its pool of azure waters, just a few steps away. Here, wellness and fun go hand in hand: After spa treatments, yoga, Tai Chi, and healthy meals made from local ingredients, you can dance on the beach to the music of some of the top DJs worldwide.

Coco Beach Club

The beach club and bar are attached to the Coco Tulum Hotel on the famous Tulum Beach. It features white-washed wooden floors, a stick canopy and swings that look out over the ocean view. There are also plenty of signature cocktails to keep you entertained.

It’s stylishly rustic and a great place to spend the afternoon on the beach in Tulum.

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